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"ThunderSoft" Visual Basic Applications

In high school, under the "company" title of ThunderSoft, I developed several Visual Basic programs ranging from a phpBB Mod's Administration Utility to a simulation of a Stargate.

Recently, I have cleaned up the code and re-branded two of these programs, Coder and GateDialer, and released them on OCDTrekkie as Coder Classic and GateDialer Classic. They can be downloaded from my Downloads Area.

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The GateDialer application was a simulator of the Stargate dialing program from Stargate SG-1, the longest-running American science fiction show. It has a database of destination addresses, and will only lock on if the address dialed matches an address in the database. It's capable of dialing eight-symbol addresses under special conditions, just as it can in the TV show. It has both sound and animation during the dialing sequence, although the graphics are just cheap images taken off the web. There are several other small nitpicky features included that only someone who watches the show would understand.

The Sudoku Mod Encoder is a program designed to compliment the Sudoku Mod for phpBB 2.x, which is a popular forum system on the internet. The encoder simplifies the process of creating new game packs for the mod, by allowing you to enter numbers into a grid, and then allowing it to convert it into usable PHP or SQL insert code for inclusion onto a site.

The Coder is an application that uses a algorithm I designed to encrypt all ASCII text that integrates random numbers into seemingly random places in the text, making the same message encrypted differently each time. As far as I know, it is impossible to break without the program and the encryption key. This program can encode and decode under a couple different modes, as well as open and save files for encrypting larger texts.